The below graphs illustrates the performance of the cell pads given their different  flute angles of 45/45, 15/45 and 30/60. The left hand side graphs illustrates the pressure drops, while on the right hand side the graphs illustrate the relationship between Tabreed performance as a function of the velocity of air passing though it versus the cell pad thickness, which can range from 50,100,150 or 200 mm.

Tabreed 45/45 Angle

This product is suitable for application where a good combination between humidification, efficiency and pressure drop is required.


Tabreed 15/45 Angle

This product is suitable where lower pressure drops, but with reasonable humidification efficiency are required.




Tabreed 30/60 Angle
This product is ideal for air conditioning applications, where air velocities are greater, since it has been designed to avoid the release of water droplets (from the outlet side).  Whilst maintaining good efficiencies and adequate pressure drops.