The disintegration of the cell pads can be minimized by maintaining a continuous "bleed-off" or by periodically filling the sump.

Tabreed can assist you by recommending individual "bleed-off" rates.  In that case fractional timers shouldn’t be used, as they do not enhance the performance of the cooling pads and they contribute to the development of scales which result in reducing the air flow.
If algae are allowed to grow on Tabreed cell pads, it may eventually block the flutes and prohibit the air flow from entering inside the cell pads.  This leads to an increase in static pressure and reduces the performance and efficiency of the cell pads.  The growth of the algae can be controlled or reduced by either early maintenance techniques or by applying black coated polishing to the cell pads.  Chlorine or bromine shouldn’t be used on the cell pads as a means of preventing the growth of the algae.