Factories, Warehouses, Desert Coolers and Cooling Towers

Tabreed cooling cell pads can be used in a variety of commercial applications to provide optimal cooling and ventilation to factories with exothermic output in order to reduce temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. This innovative and cost-effective cooling technique provides a healthy atmosphere for workers to perform efficiently and increase their productivity. 
The unprecedented durability and efficiency of Tabreed cell pads have proven their success as a better alternative to a variety of other cooling and ventilation devices such as cooling towers and desert coolers.  
Unlike the ashes that are commonly used in desert coolers, Tabreed cell pads are more efficient as they prevent the accumulation of fungus and bacteria on their surface. Moreover, the curves of the cooling pads allow better and smoother airflow and thus significantly decrease temperatures. 
For cooling towers, Tabreed cell pads can act as an effective substitute for the commonly used metal plates with the advantages of being healthier, more cost efficient and eco-friendly.  These factors make Tabreed cell pads a better option compared to other components used in industrial cooling and ventilation devices.