Climate control is an important ingredient to sustain healthy performance from the cold areas and to secure higher productivity, as cold areas always poses negative implications on the growth rates of crops inside the green houses.

Poultry Houses

The highest levels of performance from fully feathered broilers can be obtained in still-air temperatures below 26 degrees Celsius.  In most poultry houses, the still air temperatures can range from 19 to 26 degrees Celsius, if temperature exceeds this range, it’s known that it can distort the growth potential of those broilers.


Work Places, Factories & Warehouses 

Tabreed also works in factories and work places to provide a ventilated working environment for workers in order to overcome the heat that is radiated from the machinery, which helps in raising the efficiency of the workers and hence increase productivity.


Green Houses

Cooling of greenhouses is necessary to maintain a temperature that shouldn’t exceed 24 degrees Celsius for the healthy growth of crops.  High temperatures are known to cause loss of strength, reduction of flower size and delay of crop flowering. Tabreed cooling pads helps to maintain a high relative humidity at a constant temperature, which doesn’t fluctuate during day light, hence endorsing the healthy growth of crops.